About the Book

Portraits of Madagascar is written and illustrated by South African travel photographer, Paul Sutton, who has worked throughout Southern Africa. It documents his personal impressions while on assignment in 2015, visiting Madagascar for the first time.

It is a coffee table book aimed at delivering a pictorial story which is complimented by a written account of the author’s personal experiences and his heartfelt insights while touring the country. It consists of 250 pages and contains some 229 high-quality full-colour photographs beautifully depicting people and places in Madagascar.

Through its 15 chapters, Portraits of Madagascar offers the reader a personal unfiltered impression of life in Madagascar, through the eyes of someone who is accustomed to experiencing life in third-world countries, yet who was still astounded by what he discovered and learned in Madagascar.

It features numerous pictures documenting the joyous affection with which foreigners are received in this country. As a portrait of a country which is like no other, it offers the reader a glimpse of the many scenic, cultural and wildlife treasures which await discovery by both the armchair traveller and the tourist looking for a no-frills authentic and engaging travel experience. At the same time, the reader is invited to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the images, and the facts of the many socio-economic troubles that face this land.

Readers will find that the book offers both an intellectual and an emotional journey, offering sometimes astonishing and surprising contrasts, as they travel the storyline of the images and the written text. While each follows significantly different arcs, both arrive at a place of deeper discovery and appreciation of a country which lies largely undiscovered to the rest of the world, and which transformed the heart of the author.


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