We’ve Just Gone Live on Facebook

It may have happened a bit earlier than anticipated, but we’ve actually been setting up the Portraits of Madagascar Facebook Page for some time now. Things were scheduled to be launched next week only, but a sudden positive development means that it’s had to be pushed forward a little bit to make you aware of what we have planned in terms of the fundraising needed to get the book printed.

This will be one of the chief ways in which we’ll be interacting with folks who are interested in this and other related projects, so please remember to LIKE our page, share, comment, and contact us to keep the conversations going.

Yesterday I posted to my personal Facebook page that I needed some assistance in getting a sample copy of the book printed so that it can be sent to Hasina in Hamburg for a very important presentation on the 17th of December. Making a digital print such as the one needed is a costly affair and so we need a bit of assistance in getting this organised, and we don’t have too much time to do it. So if you’d like to help out, please get in touch. We still require some help in this regard very urgently, and even small donations will go a long way!

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