About the Author

Paul Sutton is a travel, wildlife, sport and fine art photographer based in Cape Town South Africa. He has travelled extensively throughout Southern Africa and is passionate about discovering and sharing elements of the natural world and human life.

He began his photographic career working for a company which produced postcards, scenic calendars and a variety of other printed products aimed at the tourism market in South Africa. This work also culminated in him illustrating a book about life in the informal settlements of Cape Town, called Townships and the Spirit of Ubuntu.

For much of his career, Paul has taught photography courses. It is through his natural role as a teacher that he was inspired to write Portraits of Madagascar and share his insights and growth while on a transformative journey.

In addition to a fondness for photography and writing, Paul is also an avid cyclist and motorcyclist and is happiest when travelling, discovering and documenting new places.

Through his experiences chronicled in Portraits of Madagascar, Paul has subsequently started a business as a tour operator in South Africa and uses this work to provide enlightening experiences for tourists and growth opportunities for local communities by connecting people from different worlds. One of the goals of the business is to facilitate positive changes and exert significant influence on the socio-economic and conservation problems being faced in Madagascar.

Additionally, Hasina and Paul have jointly undertaken to establish The Green Suitcase project, an NGO dedicated to addressing and supporting the causes of poverty, education and conservation in Madagascar and similar world regions.

All proceeds from the sale of Portraits of Madagascar go towards establishing The Green Suitcase Project.