The Green Suitcase

Born directly out of events described and documented in Portraits of Madagascar, The Green Suitcase is a project started by Hasina Samoelinanja through his ongoing work in tourism in Madagascar, and further developed together with Paul Sutton during their time spent there in 2015 and subsequently. In 2016 it was founded as an NGO which focusses on the many issues highlighted in the book, particularly development of education and poverty relief. In Germany, The Green Suitcase Project goes by the name of “Madagaskar Grüne Kiste“.

All profits from the sale of Portraits of Madagascar are going towards the establishment of The Green Suitcase project, which in turn will be supporting various initiatives to promote education, cross-cultural contact projects, and conservation initiatives.

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German speakers are invited to visit the German version of the same site at www.MadagaskarGrü